Neon Bath Bomb & Wax Colourant

Neon Fluorescent Soap Dye:

Did you know that our neon/fluorescent pigments can now also be used in bath bombs in the EU and UK?

Auroradyz neons create a fantastic colour to a finished bath bomb.  You’ll need quite a lot of product to achieve a bold colour however. Unfortunately, neon fluorescent soap dye won’t produce the same colour vibrancy in the water when compared with water soluble dyes and lakes. We therefore suggest using them in conjunction with water soluble dyes or lakes.

Our neon pigments are extremely versatile, allowing you to achieve super vibrant colour. Lower usage rates will result in lighter and more pastel shades. This makes them fantastic value for money. Neon pigments are non-bleed and are stable in cold process, hot process and melt & pour soap. This makes them an excellent choice to achieve those clean and colourful swirls in your soapy creations. You can now layer soap colours without the risk of the layer colours bleeding into each other.

Our neon fluorescent soap dyes can also be used in wax. We suggest mixing the powder with your fragrance oil to disperse before adding directly to melted wax.


Let’s make wax melts:

Firstly, decant 5g of your favourite fragrance oil and add your desired amount of neon soap and wax dye. Mix until smooth and ensure that there are no lumps. Next, melt down 500g of soy wax over a double boiler. Once melted, add the combined fragrance oil and neon mix to the melted wax and agitate until the colour is evenly dispersed. Lastly, pour into the mould of your choice and set aside to set for at least 4 hours in cool ambient conditions.


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