Bath Bomb Water Soluble Dyes

Bath bomb water soluble dyes.

All of our bath bomb and cosmetic colours are prepared in house. Water soluble dyes will truly make any cosmetic product stand out from the crowd. Water soluble dyes are suitable for all manner of cosmetic products. All of our bath bomb dyes are suitable for use in bath bombs, bubble bars, melt and pour soap, bath melts, shower gels, and everything else in between.

Our powdered super strength water soluble bath bomb dyes are super versatile and come into their own when added to water. Our water soluble bath bomb dyes won’t stain your bath or leave a residue behind and are completely soluble in water.

Wow your customers with an awesome instant rainbow of colour.




Bath Bomb embeds made with a stronger ratio of dye make give you amazing bath art and will colour your entire bath.


If you’re wanting to impress and up your soaping game, try adding a tiny bit of dye to your next soap batch- a much more economical alternative to micas or pigments-a little goes a long way!


Create something simple in just a few minutes… Firstly, fill a lidded container with epsom salt. Now add your favourite fragrance and a tiny amount of powdered water soluble dye or lake. Lastly, replace the lid (tightly) and give it a good shake to ensure that the dye/lake is thoroughly dispersed. Run a hot bath, then sprinkle in your coloured salts for an amazing colour show. Now all that’s left to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy your work.


For more inspiration and product tips, please check our social media pages and groups. you can join our Facebook group here. Our learning library is also a great resource to learn how to get the best from your dyes. The learning library also contains bath bomb recipes and links to well known and experienced bath bomb makers.

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