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Aurora Dyz

What is the difference between dyes and lakes?

Lakes are a weaker form of dye and are only available in a restricted number of colours.

A water soluble dye is a chemical that exhibits colour when it is dissolved in water. Water soluble dyes will not mix with oils. Dyes can be bought in a granular or powder form.

Aluminum lakes are not soluble in water but will disperse when mixed with water. Lakes are oil miscible but not soluble. Lakes can therefore be mixed with oils, fats, and sugars. They can also be dispersed in other carriers such as propylene glycol, glycerin and sucrose (water and sugar).

Lakes are available in low and high dye load, generally 15-17% pure dye and 36-42% pure dye respectively. All Auroradyz lakes are high dye load.

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  • So why would you want to use a lake instead of a dye? Firstly, lakes aren't just used for bath bombs, they are used in the manufacture of many many more and different cosmetics, particularly those that are oil based. Since water soluble dyes won't dissolve in oil, lakes are by far a better choice for oil based applications. In bath bombs, a lot more product is required when compared with dyes to achieve the required colour depth but the big advantage to using lakes over dyes in bath bombs is their light fastness. Lakes will not fade is UV light as dyes do. They are also a good choice for children's bath bombs as they are less likely to stain little hands when handling bath bombs as they are dissolving.